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Tree Surgeon | Tree Surgery | Tree Doctor

Tree Masters Tree Service has been providing Tree Surgery services for over 30 years.  Need a tree surgeon?  Our skilled arborists are fully trained as tree surgeons.  When you need a tree doctor, call us; you can feel secure in knowing that Tree Masters is "out on a limb for you." 

Tree Surgeon

tree sur·geon

/trē ˈsərjən/


  1. a person who prunes and treats old or damaged trees in order to preserve them.


Obviously, we hope you never need to use this particular service; because it means that you have a tree that is in pretty bad shape.  Tree Surgery is the process of preserving / saving a tree that is struggling to survive due to any number of issues or stress factors.  Most tree surgeries involve aggressive trimming, cavity repair, cabling and bracing, chemical treatments or a combination of these services in order to prolong the life of your tree.

Tree Masters has licensed arborist's that will do a full inspection of your tree and design a game plan to address the immediate and long-term care of the tree.  We have successfully saved many trees throughout the DFW area with our tree surgery procedures.

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