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Tree Trimming Service

Tree Masters Tree Service has been providing quality Tree Trimming  for over 30 years.  Our skilled arborists are fully trained in all aspects of proper tree trimming.  You can feel secure in knowing that Tree Masters is "out on a limb for you."

Tree Trimming Service

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Tree Trimming involves all of the following:


  • Sucker shoot removal

  • Mistletoe removal

  • Deadwood removal

  • Crown reduction and/or reshaping

  • Balance of tree canopy

  • Thinning



Tree bark can get sunburned causing nutrient flow problems, so we take extra care not to scalp your trees (leaving your limbs without proper shade as the sun travels over the tree during the course of the day), but rather, we remove only the necessary foilage to bring beauty and health to your trees.


Tree Trimming FAQ's:


How much foliage are you going to remove?


The rule of thumb is to not remove more than 10-15% of a tree's foliage per growing season.  In some cases, it is necessary to remove more than that due to excessive dead wood in a tree's crown.


When is the best time to trim my trees?


All trees are temperature controlled.  That is why you see some trees begin to sprout new leaves before others.  The rule of thumb is to try to do all of your heavy trimming while the temperatures are below 90 degrees.  When temperatures rise above 90 degrees, it is best to not trim while they are under temperature stress.  This is not always the case for some species.  Your arborist will let you know at the time of your free estimate the best options for you.


How do you know what to cut and what to leave?


Tree Trimming is part science and part art.  While our main focus is the overall health of the tree being trimmed, we are also concerned about the aesthetics.  We want to stimulate growth in some areas and slow down growth in others.  All of our climbers are fully trained in proper tree trimming techniques and procedures and every job is managed by a licensed arborist.


Is there a difference between trimming and pruning?


Yes, there is a difference.  Pruning is what is done on any tree that produces fruits, nuts or flowers.  Pruning is about controlling how much or how little a tree produces.  Pruning is a bit more abrasive in terms of appearance. Trimming is more about appearance and maintenance.  Examples:  A Pecan tree would be pruned to either help facilitate more or fewer pecans.  A Live Oak would be trimmed to help control overhang or overgrowth.

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