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Gary Zimmerman

Certified Arborist

1988 - Present


Owner & Operator of

Tree Masters Tree Service



...a specialist in the cultivation and care of trees, including tree trimming, tree removal, tree surgery, the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of tree diseases, and control of pests...


Gary Zimmerman is a licensed arborist that serves the DFW Metroplex.  For over 30 years, Gary has owned and operated Tree Masters Tree Service.  He and his crew offer a long list of affordable services to the residents and businesses of the DFW area.  If you are in need of a quality tree care company that will truly "go out on a limb for you," then please give us a call today to schedule a free estimate.  (972) 261-7511

An arborist is trained in proper tree care, tree diseases, tree preservation.  There is a big difference between a tree cutter and an arborist.  Arborist's understand tree science, so they are more likely to do things a bit differently than someone else.  Understanding the cause and effect of each cut is valuable information in proper tree care.  Don't let just anyone cut on your trees.  Your trees are an investment into your property and need to be taken care of by professionals to prevent negative results and prolong longevity in your trees.

Certified Arborist
Gary Zimmerman | Certified Arborist

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