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Lot Clearing

Lot Clearing Services by Tree Masters

Tree Masters Tree Service provides Lot Clearing services for both residential and commercial properties.  If you want to save some serious money on your lot clearing project, then please call us today to schedule a free estimate....(972) 261-7511

Lot Clearing | Land Clearing

Lot Clearing can include any of the following:


  • Tree Removal

  • Brush Removal

  • Underbrush Removal

  • Stump Removal

  • Deadwood removal

  • Crown reduction and/or reshaping

  • Raising of tree canopy

  • Thinning for sunlight

  • Debris Removal


How it works:

You decide on what trees you want to keep, if any, and then we clear out the rest.  No project is too big or too small....We have seen and done it all.


Lot Clearing FAQ's:


Can you help us decide on which trees to keep and which ones to remove?


Yes, of course.  Your assigned arborist will help with determining which trees need to be removed vs. which ones are good candidates for preservation.


Do you have a minimum job size that you will do?​


No.  We clear land of all sizes, from small residential lots to huge acreage lots.


What exactly do you do to the lot when clearing it out?​


Our default operating procedure is to remove all undergrowth (seedling & saplings), remove all dead and/or dying trees and finally, we trim up all remaining trees for visibility and for safe passage.  We go over each lot in detail with the client to ensure that we are doing exactly what they require of us.  We are there to offer professional advice and experience for questionable areas of the lot.  Your arborist will help to construct a custom game plan for each client's needs based on their expected use of the land.


How much does it cost to do lot clearing?​


Not an easy answer.  No two lots are the same.  We determine the majority of the price of the lot clearing on a time-basis; how long is it going to take to accomplish what the plan outlines.  We offer daily rates for customers that want to hire a tree service for a day at a time and we also do blanket pricing quotes that are one price for the entire project regardless of how long it takes.  We are able to be very flexible with our pricing to help new landowners with their lot clearing projects and within budget.


When I look on Google, I see that lot clearing goes by several different names.  Are they all the same thing?


Yes.  Lot clearing goes by many different names like land clearing, property clearing, pad clearing, acreage clearing, tree clearing, plot clearing, wood clearing, underbrush clearing and brush clearing to name a few.  However, they are all the same.  They are all titles for work that is performed to prepare your land for your new home and make the property more park-like, safe and more attractive.

Click Here or call (972) 261-7511 to schedule a free estimate

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