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Tree Removal

Tree Masters Tree Service has been providing safe Tree Removal Service for over 30 years.  Our skilled arborists are fully trained in all aspects of proper tree removal.  You can feel secure in knowing that Tree Masters is "out on a limb for you."

Tree Removal Service

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Tree Removals can be very dangerous.  Please make sure you hire a tree service that meets the following criteria:


  • Insured for damages

  • Climber uses rope & saddle (No free climbing)

  • The proper equipment is used

  • Fully trained ground staff


If the company representative looks unprofessional during the "estimate" phase, most likely the crew will be unprofessional when they show up as well.  There is no room for horseplay or unprofessionalism during a Tree Removal.  Safety guidelines must be followed at all times.


At Tree Masters Tree Service, we practice safety at every turn.  Our crews use hand signals and call signs to help ensure a safe and problem-free tree removal.


Tree Removal FAQ's:


How much is this going to cost me?


There are several factors that will determine the cost of the tree removal:

  • Size of the tree

  • Time needed to safely remove the tree

  • Crew and equipment needed

  • Location of the tree to nearby objects


Does the tree need to be removed or can it be saved?


At the time of your free estimate, the arborist will let you know if the tree can be saved and can determine the kind of treatment it would require to preserve the tree.  If the tree can be saved, your estimator will inform you of your options.


Do you have a price list for tree removals?


No.  Unfortunately, it is impossible to create a price list for tree removals due to the fact that no two trees are the same.  Trees vary in size, age and form and location to obstacles.  The best way to price the removal is to look at each tree individually via photos and/or in-person consultation.


Is stump grinding included in the price?


Stump grinding is optional.  When you speak with your estimator, you can let them know if you desire to have the stump taken care of as well.


Do you offer any discounts?


Yes, we offer discounts for the following:

  • Teachers

  • Police / Fire

  • Active Military

  • Veterans

  • Senior Citizens

Click Here or call (972) 261-7511 now to schedule a free estimate

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