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How to choose a tree service

How to properly choose a tree service

With a large amount of tree services in the DFW area to choose from, I thought I would write this blog to help the consumer narrow their search a bit and hopefully save them from some serious headaches as well.

Not all tree services are created equally. Not every person that owns a chainsaw and a pickup truck should call themselves a tree service. Below, you will find a list of important things to look for in a tree care company.

1) Get more than one estimate - you may be suprised at the wide range of price differences between companies.

2) Try to use a local tree care company - I always try my hardest to support my local community as much as I can. These companies need our support to stay in business.

3) Insurance - don't feel bad for asking the tree company for a glance at their insurance certificate. Tree work is very dangerous and accidents do happen. Protect yourself by making sure you hire a properly insured company.

4) Appearance - when it comes to tree care, you want to use a professional company. It starts with the person that comes out and gives you the estimate and finishes with the crew that does the actual work. You want professionalism all the way.

5) Drug Free - don't feel bad for asking about the companies drug policies. You surely don't want anyone climbing your trees or running a chainsaw on your property that is under the influence of any kind of illegal drug.

6) Knowledge - did the company representative explain to you exactly what they are going to be doing? Did he/she seem knowledable about your trees? Does the company have a licensed arborist on staff; or better yet, is a licensed arborist going to be performing the work?

7) Price - the price of tree care varies tremendously from company-to-company. The main reason for this is due to the amount of overhead the company has and how much volume they do. You will be amazed at the range of prices you are offered during the estimate phase of your project. Remember, all pricing in this industry is negotiable. If you find a company that you like, but their price is a bit higher than the rest, tell them. Most likely, they will lower the price to match their competition.

8) Reputation - it is common practice to ask the estimator for some references. If the company has been in business for a while, then they should have plenty of references that can verify the quality of their work.

In conclusion

I wish I could tell you that their is a direct correlation between quality and price in this industry. The simple fact is that there is not. Your best option is to gather several estimates from your local tree care providers, weed out the ones that did not meet the above criteria and then choose the one with the best quality:price ratio


1) Professionalism - does the compay vehicle have temporary magnetic signs, or a more permanent vinyl lettering? This will show you if the person is truely dedicated to their profession or if they are just half-hearted.

2) Literature - did you examine the business card and free estimate literature? This is a good way to judge professionalism. If they don't care about the small things, then they might not care enough about the big things.

3) Website - did you take a look at the company website? was it professional and did it make you feel good about the company?

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