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Tree Service in Hurst, Texas

Tree Masters of Hurst

Hurst Area Tree Service by Tree Masters Tree Service

Tree Service in 76053, 76054 zip codes

Tree Masters Tree Service is a full-service tree care company that is proud to serve Hurst, TX.  Since 1988, we have been providing Affordable, Reliable and Professional tree services for the residents and businesses of Hurst, Texas.  Call us today and join the many satisfied customers of Tree Masters (972) 261-7511

List of services provided by Tree Masters Tree Service:

Tree Service Hurst TX

Tree Removal - a tree removal can be dangerous, so we recommend using an experienced tree service that is insured and that follows all of the necessary safety protocols.  Look no further.  We have over 30 years' experience in safe and affordable tree removals in Hurst, Texas.

Tree Trimming / Tree Pruning - When it comes to tree trimming, we aim for two objectives; overall health of the tree and aesthetics; we obviously want the tree to look good afterwards.  It takes many years of experience to perfect the skill of proper tree pruning.  You don't want just any tree trimmer in Hurst working on your trees.  Choose the tree trimmers of Tree Masters for your next tree trimming project and notice the difference our experience can make!

Stump Grinding / Stump Removal - tree stumps can be unsightly in our landscapes.  We offer the choice of having your tree stump either cut down as low as possible or the have it removed via stump grinding.  For residential properties in Hurst, we have a small stump grinder that can fit into tight spots pretty well.  For larger stumps, we use much larger stump removal machines to get the job done right.

Lot Clearing / Land Clearing - for those of you that own a large yard or even acreage in Hurst, we offer lot clearing services.  Whether we are removing a few trees or hundreds of trees along with underbrush, vines, etc., we have you covered.  We have been performing land clearing and all of the services that go along with it for just over 30 years.  No job too small or too big.  We have seen and done it all!

Tree Surgeon / Tree Surgery - Tree surgery is all about tree preservation.  When a tree gets sick, old, or damaged, you have a choice to either remove the tree or try to save it depending on how severe the problem is.  We offer Tree Surgeon services for those of you that want to do everything you can to save your tree.  Your tree may need chemical treatments, tree cavity repair, or special pruning care to overcome its ailment.  We are here to help.  We have proudly saved hundreds of trees in Hurst and counting.

Tree Doctor / Sick Trees - We perform disease diagnosis and treatments.  There are a host of tree diseases that we fight on a regular basis in the Hurst area.  Most of the tree diseases we fight are in the mold, mildew and fungi group.  It is important to notify your local arborist at the first sign that your tree is struggling.  The sooner we can diagnose and treat the tree, the better odds of saving it.

Emergency Tree Removal - Should an emergency situation occur with your trees; we are on standby to render our services.  Obviously, we hope you never lose a tree due to the weather in Hurst, but it happens quite regularly.  Call us for fast emergency tree removal service.

Commercial Tree Services - We offer Commercial Tree Services for businesses.  Tree Masters Tree Service has three different divisions: residential tree services, commercial tree services, and lot clearing.  If you are a business and you need tree work performed at your place of business in Hurst, give us a call.

Arborist Services - Tree Masters Tree Service is owned and operated by a Certified Arborist.  There is a big difference between a tree cutting service and a tree company that has an on-staff arborist.  Arborists understand the science of proper tree care and tree maintenance.  Don't let just anyone in Hurst cut on your trees.  Call today and schedule a consultation with an arborist to see the difference we can make.


Whether you are in need of Tree Trimming, Tree Removal, Stump Grinding, Lot Clearing, or any other tree services in Hurst, Texas, call us; we are "the right company at the right price!"

We offer discounts for Senior Citizens, Military, Veterans, and Teachers in the addition to our already low prices.  Make sure to mention your status during your free estimate so your discount can be applied accordingly.

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