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  • Gary Zimmerman - Certified Arborist - Tree Masters

Leaves turning brown and falling off?

Are your trees not looking so good this summer?

Due to the major amount of rain we received this spring, the trees in this area are suffering from a couple of issues that I would like to discuss here in this blog.

Nutrient Deficiency:

When we get a major amount of rain like we did this spring and early summer, it washes away a large amount of the nutrients that your trees usually have access to in the soil. This nutrient deficiency shows up in your trees in a few ways such as lighter colored leaves than usual, browning of leaves, and leaf loss. I am personally seeing this all over the DFW Metroplex.

Lack of Water:

We experienced a great amount of rainfall earlier this year, and I believe that we were all very excited to see it coming. Our area lakes got back to normal levels that we haven't seen here in over 10 years. However, it has been followed by hot, dry days ever since. We went about our regular routines and kind of forgot about our trees because we thought that surely the great amount of rain we had will take care of the trees for a very long time. It was even much cooler than normal and summer didn't kick in as early as usual. This just solidified in our minds that our trees would be just fine. In late June, we all got a serious reminder that we still lived in North Texas. The temperatures rised and with the temperatures came serious evaporation. Did you see how fast the lakes went back down? Same thing was happening to your lawn.

If your trees are not looking to healthy, there is hope. First, you need to replace some of the nutrients that were lost in your soil. Go to Home Depot or Lowes and purchase a good tree and shrub fertilizer. I prefer "Bayer: Tree & Shrub Care" myself. I like it because it is 50% fertilizer and 50% pesticide. When your trees are weak, they tend to attract more pests, so you need the pesticide as well. If you what to go the extra mile, go to your local pharmacy department and pick up some Epsom Salt. Epsom Salt is 100% pure Magnesium Sulfate and is completely water soluable. After applying either or both of these, water your trees and shrubs. Don't over water, but make sure the granuals from the Bayer and/or Epsom Salt have dissolved completely into your soil.

The dormat season is coming soon and if we don't have a repeat of the torrential rains of last year, our trees should be back to normal next growing season.


How much Bayer should I use? Read the instructions on the bottle....seriously.

How much Epsom Salts should I use? For smaller, younger trees, about 1-to-2 cups per tree should be fine. For the larger, more mature trees, about 3 lbs. per tree will do it.

How often should I water my tree? Start by watering your tree at least 3-to-4 times per month, minimum. Go from there; water more if you are not getting the desired results. Don't water more than 3 times per week, as this can cause excessive mold, mildew, and fungi.

Good Luck and feel free to call me if you have any questions.

Gary Zimmerman / Certified Arborist

Tree Masters Tree Service


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